We’re Back!

Good morning, guys! 

First off, Happy New Year! That was a solid holiday season, but I have to admit, I’m glad we’re back to normalcy for now. To those who came to Lovecraft and the Knitting Factory, thank you for swinging by! Those were both great shows, and we love every single band that was on both bills. 

Next, we hope you’re enjoying the video! It seems like you guys are – we got to 500 views really quickly, which we are thankful and excited about. Head over to social media now and check it out!

So, our plans for this year are far and wide, but they include some pretty cool stuff. For now, we’ll be staying regional with shows, so you can expect plenty of opportunities to see us in the boroughs and on Long Island. We’ve decided we won’t travel that much this year, because…we’re beginning the recording process to our new EP very soon! We couldn’t be more excited about getting new music to you guys! We feel that we’ve grown a lot as a band since the release of “Devil May Care,” and we want to document that. So, with that, we want to stay close to home to give this record our undivided attention, in order to make it the best possible record it can be. These days, too many records are rush-recorded, and quality, as you would think, suffers. We’re not one of those bands. In summation, scratch tracking should begin by the end of this month or very early next month. So, now you’re in on what we’ve been up to! 

Lastly, be sure to catch us at Black Bear Bar TOMORROW (January 9), supporting our friends Before the Origin for their record release of their debut album, Who We Are. Doors open at 6, and its $12 at the door.




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