Squeezing “Blood” From A Stone

Hey guys! Everyone excited for the blizzard?! I am. I’ve wanted snow since October, and now I am finally going to get some snow. YAY! Seriously though, stay safe, stock up, don’t be lame, etc.

So, as many of you know, we recently dropped our debut video for “Blood.” Overall, the reviews have been great, and if you took the time out to watch it, share it, comment on it, THANK YOU! 

Introductions aside, it’s time to get cerebral on your asses…

Now, some people may be wondering, “why this theme?” And the answer is simple: we live in a world where absolutist polemic is ruining, well, everything, and that’s what the song is about. It’s about the culture of shouting others down, and not listening and talking through it, and how, while it’s existed forever, it’s been laid bare in a whole different way by social media. There’s a grand hypocrisy happening: despite all of the calls to “hold space” for the downtrodden, as soon as a guard is let down, it seems, the tar and feathering starts. It’s strikingly one-sided, and once again, hypocritical, which makes me question the motive of “holding space” in the first place. What, exactly, do these people want? Space held for them, or to hold others down? Heavy is the head, you know.

I’m not trying to be political, and honestly, I don’t consider this a political statement at all. It’s more a genuine concern for an alarmingly large (or maybe just loud) portion of the population, questioning their resilience, their stubbornness, their mental hardiness, their capacity to use logical reasoning and put emotions aside, the list goes on. Simultaneously, songwriting, for me (I was the lead writer on “Blood”), is also an internal inquiry into my own habits, my own strengths and shortcomings, and ultimately about accepting that which one cannot change by themselves. Thus, the chorus has a tone of apathy and dark humor, via the old adage: “it’s just like squeezing blood from a stone.”

The video, overall, was supposed to be a funny take on the burden of having a more visible public profile in an increasingly more volatile scene, and a personification of a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do what is right, for you will be criticized.” So, we had some friends dress up as a few familiar detractors you’d see around Brooklyn: the curmudgeony old conservative white man; the uber-judgmental hipster; the creepy young man burning with unrequited love. We had them follow us around as we were minding our own business, trying to mess with us, and holding up signs that had various logical fallacies written on them, like “strawman” and “gaslighting.” I think the most vitriolic (if you’re spineless) one just had “FEELINGS! WAAAAAAAHHHHH!” Written on it. 


But, you know, I don’t want to give away the whole video. You should watch it if you haven’t 🙂 so, hop on over to YouTube and check out “Blood” by Crowd the Airwaves. And if you take away anything from the video, the lesson is easy: be kind to one another, for fuck’s sake!

Special thanks to Steph for all of her hard work and artistic direction, and to Jubilee, Jeffrey, and Walter for their amazing and hilarious acting in the video. Somehow, we all survived that hellishly hot day on the beach!

Till next time,

Our next show is an all-ages matinee show, presented by Candy Apple Red. It’s on Saturday, February 6 at the Grand Victory in Williamsburg at 3pm. $10 to get in and see four bands including us! All ages shows are pretty rare for us, so if you’re on the young side of 21, this is the show to go to!


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