All the Way to the Bitter End



*yawn* Good morn- er, afternoon everybody

Hell of a week, huh? I just got back from the baby singalong group that my local library hosts. My daughter loves being there, and it helps socialize her. It finally got her calm after a frantic first couple hours of chugging milk, spitting up, me cleaning everything with baking soda, baby girl screaming, repeat. Let alone all of the other stuff happening in the news. It’s hard to keep up sometimes.

We, as a band, got some respite from that last week in the form of a fun, chill, podcast and livestream. The folks at Pancake Studios in the South Slope invited us over for an interview and a few acoustic songs. We got to perform “Roots,” “Unknowable,” and “Lay Down Stay Down” in a cozy live room while drinking some really strong beer. Shoutout to Tamara and the gang for being such kind hosts, and for everybody who tuned in, especially since it was pretty last minute!

So, after a week of my daughter vehemently fighting naps and me feeling like I’m drowning in political articles and opinions, one has to ask: how does one keep on keepin’ on in times like this? I’m not even really talking about politically, as, like the rest of us, I’m fucking sick of talking about it. Like, we declared an indefinite moritorium re: politics in our band. That’s how sick! But what I mean is this: there just seems like a lot uncertainty about the future.

We have friends struggling with putting food on the table and paying rent. The venue scene in New York is constantly changing due to rent going up and up and up. Student debt. Social media fatigue. BLAH! What does one do?

Honestly, what you do is the most stereotypical “American” thing one can do: you keep going. You just keep going. And you hope.

Last year, when I discovered I was pregnant, our band and one of our favorite bands, Natural Stranger, shared a bill together. I felt like the cost of prenatal care, delivery, and raising of a child in New York City was an insurmountable mountain, or like looking a pet a rock face where you really need a harness and a rope…and you have sandals. Jino, the bassist and my band’s producer, and I, were complaining about the cost of living here. And while I didn’t feel particularly reassured immediately after our conversation, something he said has stuck with me: “You’ll do the only thing you must. You’ll keep going, and you’ll solve the problem.” That simple fact became a source of comfort to me, and over time, the mountain started to become more and more scalable. As my daughter approaches six months of age, I think I’m starting to get it now!

There’s plenty of things we can’t control in our lives and in the world, but we can control how we approach problems. Because of dealing with so, so many weird, on-the-fly problems over the last three and a half years, we’ve finally landed our first gig at the legendary, world-famous Bitter End in the Village. This gig, and our EP that we will FINALLY be releasing in April, are the culmination of solving problems, and keeping going.

Don’t lose hope! As long as there is music, there is hope.

Our next gig, as mentioned, is at the Bitter End in the Village on Saturday, February 25 at 11:30pm. It’s 18+ and $10 to get in. Come round out your Saturday night with us!

Special thanks to Jino Arielly for that conversation last year


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