The Creative Process, Part II: Patches!

Supsupsup Airwavians! It’s Christina. 🙂 Sorry it’s been quite a while!

For Part II of my Creative Process series, I would like to talk about our patch designs. The patches made their debut during the release show for our first EP, Devil May Care. Since then, they have been donned by many a fan on their patch- and pin-laden jackets, vests, and more!

Patches have been a staple merch item for rock and punk bands for decades. Whether embroidered/iron on, screen printed or hand painted, patches are both great collectible items and the perfect permanent addition to any rockin’ wardrobe. Handmade patches are particularly very prominent in the DIY punk music scene. I thought it would be a great idea for Crowd the Airwaves to jump on the bandwagon old-school style, so I conceptualized some DIY patches of my own using the vinyl-cut stencil method of silk screening. It is a technique I picked up around ten years ago, and I was excited to do it all over again.


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The Creative Process, Part I: T-Shirts!

Hey, Airwavians! Christina, here.

On the previous post, we mentioned that we have a new line of merchandise currently out. This includes a brand new T-shirt design, 1″ buttons (to match our existing patch design), and album art with a corresponding poster design. All can be purchased at each of our shows!

To sum things up: I am a visual artist by trade, and I serve as the in-house designer and art director for the band. Our merchandise, gig posters, logo, and various other collateral are all designed by myself. It’s been an awesome opportunity to put all of my best skills to work with Crowd the Airwaves since its conception!

Occasionally, I get questions on how my design process actually works. I love learning about the production process of other artists, because everyone has their own way of doing things. I would like to start a series of posts to show you my workflow.

This time around, we’re going to take a look at the new t-shirt design. The shirts were printed by Bands on a Budget. I highly recommend them; they are friendly, communicative, and are very helpful during the proofing process.


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